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Hot Sale Organic Farming Seaweed Fertilizer Hot Sale Organic Farming Seaweed Fertilizer Hot Sale Organic Farming Seaweed Fertilizer

Hot Sale Organic Farming Seaweed Fertilizer

Specifications: Appearance                          Brown Powder Free...

Product Description


Appearance                          Brown Powder
Free Amino Acid                            50% min
Amino Nitrogen                             10% min
Moisture                              5% max
Chloride                              none

1. This product is a water-based spray additive containing sweet orange essential oil. It has a special orange peel taste, is completely soluble in water, and has a super wetting and penetrating surfactant. The biofilm of plants can be transported and conducted in plants to improve the efficacy.
2. This product is safe and has a strong affinity, which can avoid excessive pesticides, produce phytotoxicity and spots, and can be mixed with most pesticides.
3. This product can eliminate the pesticide resistance, inhibit the multifunctional enzymes in the pest, and at the same time, it can help the insecticidal and disease prevention.
Applicable crops and usage
1. Widely applicable to vegetables, flowers and field crops, especially for fruit crops such as citrus, dragon fruit, banana, kiwi, etc.
2. Conventional: Dilute with 800-1500 times water, mix with other pesticides and fertilizers in a proper ratio;
Garden clearing: diluted 1: 250 times;
Anti-flight operation: Use 5-10ml per mu, first dilute this product in proportion and then add other fertilizers or pesticides.
Can be sprayed with most pesticides;
It is recommended to use it on a sunny morning or evening;
This product is placed in a cool and dry place, forbid humans and livestock.

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